• Professional video editing

    • Advertisements
    • Home Videos
    • Producing creative content
  • video editing lessons

    • Learn how to edit on your own! Being able to edit your own videos opens up countless doors for completing projects and making content exactly the way you want it. Whether it be turning a boring slideshow into an enjoyable presentation or putting together family videos into memorable moments video editing is an immensely helpful skill to have.
    • I have taught students to edit for the past four years at my high school as director of my school's television studio. I also freelance teach video editing for a doctor so he can edit videos of his work to show to his colleagues. 


  • Posts on YouTube have attracted tens of thousands of views.
  • As Director, Technical Director, Producer and Talent I helped communicate news, educate and engage the student body of my high school through STEM TV for four years.
  • Asked by STEM’s Headmaster to record, produce and edit video messages from Downingtown’s School Superintendent and other administrators on a regular basis.
  • Videotape TED talks.
  • Organized and hosted a Live Streaming Event involving classmates to raise $3000 for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
  • Countless family videos
  • I have participated in video competitions for robotics, school, and my community.
  • I have done work for an eye surgeon editing tutorial style videos of his operations. I'm not one to shy away from intense graphic content! Check them out (At your own risk) over at Laser Eyecare
  • Software Skills
    • Adobe Premier
    • Final Cut Pro X
    • iMovie

Example projects

Find more of my projects over at



This video was used as a short advertisement to promote an upcoming fundraiser.   

club promotion

This video was used by the Downingtown Vexmen robotics club in order to spread the word about the club and introduce new students and kids about robotics.


This video was created as sort of trailer for my personal YouTube channel to show what kind of content would be showcased.