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Machine Learning and Warehouse Optimization


Machine Learning and Warehouse Optimization

The MaxAttention Leading Edge Team

This summer I had the pleasure to intern at SAP, a worldwide software company geared towards enterprise solutions. The innovations camp internship program has been running for a few years now at SAP but this year they wanted to do something a little different. This year we were given a task and a team in order to complete a project that had real world implications.

The Project

We were tasked with seeing if we could use Machine Learning and Image Classification to accurately identify items on a shelf.

We were able to accomplish this in the first week of the program and so we decided to take our task a little bit further in order to satisfy real business needs. We wanted to create an application that could tell you exactly what inventory you have and where you have it in either a warehouse or retail setting. 

Typically inventory is something that is managed essentially "by hand". In a warehouse setting in order to get the data for where items are and how many there are, an employee is required to walk around the shelves and manually scan bar codes on every item. In a retail setting in order to know when an item is out of stock again the store is relying on an employee to walk around the isles and see what items are missing and need to be restocked. 

Our Solution

Using Machine Learning we are able to use a camera to take a picture of shelves and provide data for what items are and where they are on the shelves. This information is then displayed on our app to give the user a visual of exactly what they have in their inventory in real time.

My Contributions

  • Programming
    • Image Slicing in Python
    • UI front end design with HTML, CSS, Javascript
    • Backend design with Javascript
  • Presentaions and demonstrations of the project
    • Innovations Camp
  • Video Production