So many times I’ve wished I had my laptop with me so I could do something I just can’t on my phone. ...and then I found Team Viewer. The first two programs I install on a new computer are always Google Chrome, and then Team Viewer. 


what is it? 

Team Viewer is a remote access tool for your computers. There are tons out there these days but I’ve been using Team Viewer for years and it’s always been the easiest and had the most capabilities. 

You can access all your computers from anywhere using another computer or the mobile app. 

Now or this means you can do things like use photoshop on your phone, or literally any desktop program. You can have a not so great laptop that as long as it has internet it can connect to your very powerful desktop back home.  


the only issue

Sometimes I would need to access my computer but I had turned it off since I don’t want to just let it run constantly. So I wouldn’t be able to access it until I physically went back home and turned it on... until now.


the solution

”WOL” Wake on LAN is a service most computers have in which a message is sent via Ethernet cable to your computer to tell it to turn on. Team Viewer 9 has the ability for wake on LAN and even through public address. This means with a little port forwarding you can now access your computer anytime, anywhere, even if you computer is completely off and shutdown.  

 Find out how here