A major current bottleneck for digital productivity and creativity is storage. You can get hard drives, buy more cloud storage, and either way you still worry about space and money. 


Solution:  GSuite account

GSuite account is for business, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting one as a individual. All you need is a domain which you can get for about $10/yr.

Normal drive plans:

100gbs - $1.99/mo  - $24/yr

1tb - $9.99/mo - $120/yr

10tb - $99.99/mo - $1,200/yr


GSuite Unlimited - $9.99/mo - $100/yr

+domain $10/yr

Total: ~$110/yr


If you happened to notice you can get unlimited storage for even less than just 1TB. Of course this takes some setting up but it’s definitly worth it. 


My current setup for infinite usable storage

Every computer I have has two hard drives, the C: drive for programs and OS (256gb SSD) and a D: drive for files (1TB HDD). Then I use google drive to sync files, and files I don’t use on a day to day basis get put into an “Archive” folder in google drive that doesn’t sync. I currently use about 5TB of cloud storage and add almost 10GBs a week. And I never have to worry about running out. 



  • Unlimited file storage
  • Files sync on every device
  • I never lose my work, it’s always saved to be cloud. If my computer exploded all my data would still be fine. 
  • Access anywhere, all my files EVERYTHING can be accessed from any computer, and mobile phone, at any time just by logging in
  • I never settle for less quality for less quantity because I don’t have to. All my videos and photos are shot at the highest resolution and frame rate.  
  • Unlimited storage applies to Drive, Email, and Photos


- only one I’ve found thus far is that being a GSuite account when sharing on google drive it tends to want to share “only within the domain”, so you just have to make sure you click the right setting. It my ask you before sharing with a pop up of “are you sure you want to share with his person” which is just one extra click. That being said too, if you want to share by link using the mobile app it will only share two those in your domain, so that setting you have to change on a desktop or use a mobile browser in desktop mode. But honestly, not even a problem at all and super easy work arounds.  


Honestly I’m shocked this is available, and why I haven’t heard more people talking about it.