• Professional Graphic Design

    • Advertisements
    • Logos
    • Image Enhancing
    • Sketching / Concept Design
    • Web Design
    • Video Game Art and Textures
    • Architecture layouts and 3D space maps
  • Graphic Design lessons

    • Learn how to manipulate images to your liking, enhance your own family photos, or create your own graphics!
    • I have taught students how to use Photoshop for the past four years at my high school as director of my school's television studio.


  • As Director, Technical Director, Producer and Talent I helped communicate news, educate and engage the student body of my high school through STEM TV for four years. A large part of this involved creating graphics for the shows almost every day as well as posting meaningful graphic advertisements to the STEM TV website.
  • Graphics design has really been a hobby of mine, I use it for video projects, texturing 3D models, enhancing photos, creating advertisements and so much more. 
  • I sell custom graphic T-shirts
  • Software Skills
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • iPhoto
    • Aperture

Example projects

Custom Graphic T-shirts found here



This poster was designed to promote and inform the public about a fundraiser event for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.


Image Enhancing


These are some photos I have taken and enhanced using Photoshop to make them look more professional, add more vibrancy to the colors, or set a certain tone to the image. 


Graphic Art


These are just some of the graphics I have made for various projects. Everything from complete graphics, profile pictures, logos, and edited photos.


T-shirt Designs


This is my personal online store where I sell T-shirts of my designs. I also do custom designs upon request. View full page here