A little bit about me

  • I love snowboarding, longboarding, and pretty much any sport with a board
  • Programmer, Engineer and Creative Entrepreneur who knows software programming, robotics, game development, creative video design, and web design.  
  • Posts on YouTube have attracted tens of thousands of views.
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Technical expert and Graphic Designer.
  • My ability to “think out of the box” led to my Vex Robotics award at the 2012 Vex World Championships.
  • As Director, Technical Director, Producer and Talent I helped communicate news, educate and engage the student body of my high school through STEM TV.
  • I organized my own job shadow experience with engineers at Analytical Graphics Incorporated. Attended 3 day practicum with engineers at Bentley Systems Inc.
  • Asked by STEM’s Headmaster to record, produce and edit video messages from Downingtown’s School Superintendent and other administrators.
  • Videotape TED talks.
  • Organized and hosted a Live Streaming Event involving classmates to raise $1200 for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
  • Chosen to design Senior Class Tee shirt for Class of 2016.
  • Achievement driven and focused on making a difference. 


  • Proficient in languages C++, Robot C, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Lua, Python, AppleScript.
  • Experience in Web Design, Game Development, Robotics, Object based, Logic based.
  • Created a web game in 2008 played more than a half a million times online. 

Video and Graphic Design

  • Adobe Photoshop - Image Editing/Creation/Enhancement
  • Video Editing - Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie
  • Adobe Illustrator - Graphic Design, Web Design
  • I create graphics, logos, icons, advertisements, game elements, 3D models, video advertisements, edited family videos
  • I have participated in both graphic and video competitions

Check out some of my projects over at Youtube.com/Overtonz